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Join The Straight Hair Revolution

Thermal reconditioning with the Yuko Hair Straightening System - a La Clinica specialty.

La Clinica was the first salon in the Mid-Atlantic to offer thermal reconditioning, known as the Yuko System, and we continue to offer the finest thermal reconditioning treatments available anywhere.

The Yuko Hair Straightening System is a Japanese treatment that smoothes curly, dry, unruly hair permanently by using heat to restructure the hair's protein bond. The result? Smooth, sleek, shiny, straight, regenerated hair! The cuticle is reshaped to lie flat, and your glossy, straight healthy hair will require little or no blow-drying.

The multi-step, permanent service combines the efforts of an advanced straightening solution with a dry iron. This system has been tested in Asia, Europe, and the U.S. and is suitable for all hair types.

We are here to assist you in making choices about hair straightening.

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An Amazing Testimonial

"My name is Paulette Nassim and I am 35 years old. All my life I had very curly hair. I couldn't shower and go to sleep before blow drying my hair to make it straight or the next morning I would wake up and my hair would be all over the place as if I just stepped out of a scary movie. I dreamed of straight hair all my life. I've always hated my hair until last year.

After delivering my second child, my husband treated me to a thermal reconditioning treatment at La Clinica and it changed my life. I love my hair. It now takes only 15 to 20 minutes to get it done. I shower and sleep not worrying how it will look in the morning. I flew 18 hours to come back and get it done again this year as I live in Kuwait. I'll fly back every year to get it done because I had tried everything, and nothing worked like La Clinica's thermal reconditioning treatment. Now I love my hair!"


The hair straightening experts at La Clinica were among the first to offer the Yuko System in the U.S. and are the leaders in the greater Baltimore area.

Here are the most common questions they are asked about it:

Q: How many touch-ups do you need and how long does the process take?
A: Expect to have the process done once or twice each year, depending upon how quickly your hair grows. Long hair takes four and a half hours to be processed. Short hair, about three hours.

Q: How long does the YUKO straightening last?
A: Once the hair is processed it is permanently straightened. There are NO traditional waxes used, therefore time does not wear down the process. The straightening comes from a re-structured protein bond inside the hair shaft.

Q: What if I want to wear my hair in a curly style or what my old curls back?
A: Your hair will take to any curling iron or hot curlers! If you want to grow out your hair, the YUKO SYSTEM CAN EVEN BE REVERSED!

Q: What is the youngest age a person can use the YUKO SYSTEM?
A: It is safe for a child as young as five years old to use the process.

Q: Can senior citizens use the YUKO SYSTEM?
A: YES! The system is processed slightly differently on aged hair but performs just as beautifully.

Q: Is it safe to use this revolutionary hair straightening system?
A: The system has been tested in Asia, Europe and the USA. It is safe for children over age 5 and for seniors as well!

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